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I'm missing the modifications forum

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You can now find it's content under diy->discussion.


--- Quote from: cinch on Fri, 20 July 2012, 14:45:26 ---im trying to access happy rainbowss lubing guide, but there's an error.

is that thread in the modification forum?

--- End quote ---

That was in r_i_p_s_t_e_r's subforum.

(How childish to add r_i_p_s_t_e_r to the swear filter).

The new URL would be:

Although clearly that subforum is hidden now.

It's a simple substitution to make when you want to find stuff again. If it's a link to a post, use the thread and post numbers as topic and msg numbers in an URL such as:

It would be fairly easy to add a showthread.php and a showwiki.php that did this for you, but...  ::)

thanks for the info :)


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