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i just called, to say...


i'm REALLY liking the general attitude and feel around here.  i was somewhat anxious about the way things were going to feel when we all started coming back after a bit of a hiatus... like getting back into an old relationship after a messy drunken booty call.  :o

things are moving quickly (progress wise) given the challenges that have been overcome, and time restrictions that are clearly impacting those doing the work.  i'd also like to acknowledge... the forum is feeling really perky; nice and fast!

i've been insanely busy in my personal life, and the months of august september are only going to be worse (by a measurable magnitude).  but, i'm really looking forward to fall when i'll start having more time to hang around here again.

thanks for all the hard work.  it's noticed and appreciated.  :-*

thanks harrison. there are a lot of moving parts here, and the team is pulling like crazy to keep things running smoothly. gratitude is greatly appreciated by all of us.


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