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KKB Miami Nights

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With the success of KKB Miami Dawn, I am pleased to announce Nights, manufactured by Keykobo.

This set will not run until production of Miami Dawn is complete and customers are satisfied with their product.


Most in one base kit featuring support for many layouts including varying bars.

International kit to be offered in regions that it serves.


This time we have magenta and cyan on black. MG1, TU2, GE1 and CR. Keykobo is capable of matching GMK colours 1:1. Please refer to samples below.

Top is KKB, bottom is GMK. Colours are matched 1:1 and have been observed under multiple temperature lights to confirm.

OCE: Daily Clack
USA: Mekibo
CA: Apex Keyboards
EU: Keygem
UK: proto[Typist]
SEA: Hex Keyboards
MENA: Sandkeys
CN: ZFrontier


Base - $94.99 US pricing, other regions will price based off this. MOQ 200
International - ~30 - Pricing will be at roughly cost. MOQ 50


6 October 2023 - 6 November 2023


Maison of the West
Sinpra Caps

Board Renders:

Poisson by elvenmonster

Type-B by bababaul

Renders are made to be close to reality, please keep in mind that differences in displays as well as the way colour is perceived based on surroundings and lighting of a space may result in slightly different results.
All colours are matched 1:1 with GMK stock colours and as such the best way to get a feel for the set is to check a GMK colour ring.

To do:

- Deskmat maybe? Nah
- Confirm kitting based on IC feedback (Icon vs icon + text is in IC pls fill out)
- - Consider front print
- Determine vendors
- Set pricing
- Organise GB dates

Thanks to:

- all supporters of my past and future projects
- onecreativemind for the awesome palm tree
- bababaul for graciously providing board files for renders
- elvenmonster for doing the same
- keykobo for providing samples so early in advance


* June 4th
Updated set to use primarily icon mods
Added angry alt
Removed 40s accent enter
* June 5th
Fixed purse icon in renders
Added vendors for UK, EU and MENA
Added collabs
* June 10th
Added front print on PrtSc and Pause
Added arrow sub legends on numpad
Added R3 PgUp and R4 PgDn
* June 20th
Added International kit
Added pricing

ofc I'll be in, even if icon mods would be more in my taste. filling IC form now!


another banger from mr. nostyler. glwic  :cool:


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