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RAKK Lam-Ang Pro


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--- Quote from: hvontres on Fri, 10 June 2022, 03:04:04 ---Here is my pair of Bostons:
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The upper is my first one, Hako True switches and MT3 Suswatari with some SA Row1 for the extra keys. This one lives at the office.
The lower one is my home board, Mil-Maxed, Kalih pale blue clickbar switches and /dev/tty MT3 keys (Base, Numpad and Extras kits)

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OOOOOH boston posting time? Here's my ALU one ^^
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And here it is in my dorm!
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(That illumination is just from the lock lights btw)
It's got Zeal PC clickiez and DCS SolDark on it :)

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Hi, fairly new in the keyboard geeks thing, but higly motivated. Can someone please tell me what are these `Boston` keyboards? cant find a brand online with that name, but they look just marvellous :D Thanks everybody

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Boston is a keyboard not a brand, it's an open source project, so you can get it anytime, it will be expensive though, so you should look into everything to do with getting a one of here before spending money (at least for an alu version, believe you can print it)

This vendor called rndkbd does sell a 3d printed version if you don't want to go your own route -

There is also a full alu version that will be run at group buy soon (but it's really expensive) -

Just built one of my grail keyboards.

Keycult No. 2/65 x GMK Dualshot 2
Gateron Oil Kings Lubed with 205G0
GMK QMX Stabs band aid mod, lubed with 3204 on wires and 205G0 on housing.

I'm with Tofu65 and Glorious Panda now. Is GP out meta now?


--- Quote from: garynguyen on Mon, 10 July 2023, 00:39:31 ---I'm with Tofu65 and Glorious Panda now. Is GP out meta now?

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Glorious Pandas were never in meta. Drop's HPs were in meta when they came out since you didn't have to frankenswitch, but other hyper tactiles have come out that are really good as well.


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