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--- Quote from: Cobertt on Tue, 11 July 2023, 08:29:10 ---
--- Quote from: garynguyen on Mon, 10 July 2023, 00:39:31 ---I'm with Tofu65 and Glorious Panda now. Is GP out meta now?

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Glorious Pandas were never in meta. Drop's HPs were in meta when they came out since you didn't have to frankenswitch, but other hyper tactiles have come out that are really good as well.

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Yeah Glorious Pandas were made specifically to cash in on the holy pandas, they were like seen as a cheaper alternative, but they had a different stem and the leafs were worse for some reason (even though they had similar to identical moulds I'm pretty sure). The original name of them were the "Glorious Holy Pandas" which caused drama to the point where they had to change the name. There are so many large bump tactiles which are cheaper than the Glorious Pandas/Holy Pandas that feel similar that they aren't really worth it anymore.


Everybody is different, but "glorious pandas" fatigue my fingers.  It's unpaid work to press them.  I think you'd have to be slamming the keys like a plumber with sausage fingers to want to use them.  But hey, plumbers have to type too.

After a while with my MX Keys Mini, I got back into the rabbit hole and got me a new Keychron K8 Pro for my new job. Sounds pretty good stock but I was baffled how much quieter and soft-tone the board got just with some silicone rings. The caps are ABS so, may this is the first thing I will change anyway.


  I'm really enjoying the vibrant SA Recall set I got recently.  GMMK TKL barebones.  Jelly Key "Cat Knights" Atom artisan.  I need to swap my deskmat to one of my Catpads designs.

I'm sticking with TKL: QK80.


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