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maybe more options? tkls are much more popular and supported than full size boards id say

Prince Valiant:

--- Quote from: mohawk1367 on Thu, 30 November 2023, 10:12:00 ---maybe more options? tkls are much more popular and supported than full size boards id say

--- End quote ---
Seems like it. I have a 75% split and ended up getting a standalone numpad but I don't have the desk space to keep it out all the time.

Typing on my Nyan Keys 0.8a Proto Right now!  ;D FPGA based keyboard with a USB 2.0HS interface with a few other neat little tricks to reduce latency to the absolute floor.

Open sourced the entire design too so if others want to build it they can!


Finally got this all built up after fighting the PCBs for the better part of 2 weeks.... :blank: It did come out really good though. I went HMX cloud switches, on a POM plate, without the chungus plate foam/silicone pad thing. The clouds are pole bottom out but still full travel, I went with them cause of the pole bottom out since the case is a more open sounding one. That plus the extra deepness the POM plate adds ends up with a pretty nice sound profile on it. I did have to force break the case & add a layer of shelf liner in the bottom to get the case ping under control & get rid of the little bit of hollowness it had. Overall though worth the work IMO!

After a month or more (Edit: check that, I see my post above - less than a month) with my KBD8X MkIII I changed out my PBTfans Dolch Keycaps for the GMK Blue Samurai's and swapped out the Gateron Oil King linear switches for the DS White Jade tactiles... but ended up putting the Oil King back under the space bar.  This board now seems so complete for me.  Oh, and was able to go into Via and change the power-on led on the far end of the board to be a perfect matching yellow-gold to the <ESC> and <Enter> keys.  I do have a Neo 65 milky white showing up at the end of the month, but not sure it will get a lot of play time?


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