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[IC] Enjoypbt 3000SAT (Group buy live)

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I got my set from Mekibo and got both the keys with darker legends and with blue legends.

I've also discovered today that EnjoyPBT has recessed stems on their keys. I don't know if this change is recent, but it's a huge development considering that the well-known Hammerworks CRP has stems flush relative to the walls of the caps.

I noticed the recessed stems too, although at first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Glad someone else is confirming this. I'm pretty sure this is a recent change. I saw somewhere that there was talk of new EPBT molds but didn't know this was part of the update. Legends are also very sharp. Overall, I give this set very high marks.

Also, some of NovelKeys and Omnitype's (and possibly Cannon Keys) newer PBT sets have recessed stems, although it's not widely talked about. It's a big improvement and I went so far as to email Mike @ NovelKeys to make sure it was included in their product description because it's a big differentiator IMO. The only other PBT sets I'm aware of with recessed stems are the BSP and OG ones.

Yes I also have been told within the past 2-3 ePBT shipments, that they are using new blanks


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