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New Model F with 104 Layout - Yay!

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Well, it looks like my prayers have been answered. I saw on YouTube that the new Model F will have a 104 classic and compact layout available. That's in addition to his beamspring keyboards he's working on too. However, I'm all in on that Model F 104 layout. I'll have to save up a bit but will probably pre-order one next month or so.

I am curious about the add-on options. He lists a solenoid and solenoid driver option. I thought that was for the beamspring only?

I'm so glad I waited on getting any more keyboards. I thought I was finally done with keyboard collecting since my Topre is fantastic the way I have it customized.

Wait, WHAT???

I had to double check to make sure that this wasn't an April Fools thing. My one gripe about the new Model F boards was that there wasn't an ANSI layout option, and there it is! Prayers answered indeed!

I already have an F122, but might have to put up for this anyway. If there's not some major flaw with it, a standard layout ANSI Model F is the summit for me in this hobby. I can finally be done.

Didnít even know this is a thing. Gonna need to pick one of these up for the collection.

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Project coordinator here - yes this is definitely real!  Here is the project thread:

Thank you so much for piloting this and coming out with a 104 key layout!

The existence of this new option has me very conflicted, because it's my absolute ideal board. I already own a 122 key F though! For six years, it's been the best keyboard ever, and if this standard layout board didn't exist I'd would've happily had it on my desk for the rest of my life. I put the care, love and attention into its restoration and modification, cleaning and disassembling it, de-rusting the base plate, repainting that base plate, and have no doubt that it would work for another forty years with no issue whatsoever...

...but that standard layout "Model M that's really a Model F" is the summit.  It's exactly what I want. The 122 key is 90-95% of what I want. But not exactly.

I'm sitting here making flow charts and pro/con lists to try to justify spending $500 for that little 5% bump. And so help me, I might buy the thing, which is just insane given how great the 122 key F is.

Edit: Ordered it.


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