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Does this 40% layout exist?

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Any suggestions for a keyboard or kit with physical layout similar to this?

I've seen some hhkb 40%s.

Not sure if a keyboard exist with this layout but, the layout looks so awful to be honest. going this small and staggered i don't see the benefits and the reason for it to exist then because it can.

I went with this layout and never looked back it is super comfortable and feels way more natural.

What keyboards have that exact physical layout, and which one are you on @Sup?

You would probably be looking at a hhkb 40%, something like this - (do not know if this specific project is any good, just showed a board with a similar layout)

You could DIY and make keyboard with the same layout and handwiring and like a 3d printed case and stuff like that, if you want that specific layout I guess.


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