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GMK Laser Novelties icons???

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Here's what I got from Drop guys:

R1 (first):
Retrowave sunset [aesthetic]
Agent 88's cyberdeck terminal ["Hands on Deck," the Laser GMK short story]
Brazilian DEX pill [Neuromancer]
Agent 88ís neuralink ["Hands on Deck"]
Bowl & chopsticks (Pho's Noodles) [aesthetic]
Hacker skull [aesthetic; design from T0mb3ry's GMK Carbon's Warning Signs kit]
Bitcoin [modern cryptocurrency]
Laser symbol [aesthetic; design from GMK Carbon Warning Signs]
Biohazard mycotoxin [aesthetic; design from GMK Carbon Warning Signs]
Spider tank eyes [Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex]
Rick Deckardís police ID logo [Blade Runner]

R1 (second):
Pill from Kaneda's jacket [Akira]
OCP [RoboCop]
Joystick [aesthetic]
Trueno [Toyota model]
Cassette tape [aesthetic]
Elevenís forearm tattoo [Stranger Things]
'80s shades [aesthetic]
RAD! [aesthetic]
DeLorean's flux capacitor [Back to the Future]
Individual Eleven [GitS:SAC]
Origami unicorn [Blade Runner]

It was so much that I was lazy to answer. Let's say Methon and the answer above.


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