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Aeris Studio:
Killer65 - by Aeris Studio

Check out the GB here!

While the idea of endgame differs for all of us, there are features that are staples among many "endgame" keyboards being offered today such as counterweights, or numerous color customization. Of course, there are keyboards that offer more innovative features like the Kohaku, or the Satisfaction75, but these also come at considerably higher price points.

So our compromise is an affordable keyboard with features the average keyboard hobbyist would want. Our product follows in the footsteps of the Zoom65, QK65, and more recently the JRIS65, but with a twist. Inspired by the Canoe by Percent Studios (best keyboard ever), we designed one with a similar 2-3 tone aesthetic while streamlining the design to give it a minimalist look.



* Case Angle: 6.0
* Materials: Aluminium & Stainless Steel (For PVD Weights)
* Colours:
- Black
- Silver
- Brass
- Navy Blue
- Tiffany Blue
- Maroon Red
- Dark Green
- E-white
* Mounting method: Gasket-mount
* Plate: 1.5mm Polycarbonate
* Add-on, 1.5mm Aluminum, FR4, and POM
* PCB: Killer65 hotswap PCB & USB-C daughterboard - features QMK/VIA and ESD protection
* Foam: Poron plate, case foam & IXPE PCB foam
* Counterweight: Aluminum & Stainless Steel (PVD)
- Brass
- Silver
- Heart Gold PVD
- Soul Silver PVD
- Spirit Prism PVD (More Purple)
- Brilliant Chroma PVD (More Yellow)
*See prototypes for more apt description
* Weight: ~2kg fully built (Depends on weight and plate)
* Layout options:


We will be using CJDropshipping as our shipping partner to ship to these places.

* America
* Europe
* Asia
* Oceania
Price: $159 USD plus shipping for default kit (polycarbonate plate and anodized weight)
+$20 USD for PVD Weight
+$49 USD for an Aluminum, FR4, and POM Plate
+$39 USD for an extra Top Frame

Timeline: The website is currently being readied for the group buy. We are currently searching for shipping partners to do bulk shipments to the US to lower shipping costs.


The 1st set of prototypes have arrived. Typing tests, and photoshoot completed (see gallery).

The feature set is basically final now but we may add additional features if desired.

4. GALLERY *colors shown in the prototypes aren't final

Expand below

Typing Tests
Expand below


Send requests below

6. FAQ

Will there be per key RGB or backlighting?
There won't be any RGB or backlighting provided. We backtracked on this to support more layouts on the hotswap PCB.

Why is the design so simple?
Personally, we prefer simpler designs as it keeps the desk looking minimal.

Aren't you guys reskinning the Zoom65/QK65 etc.?
What we are doing is filling up a hole in the market left behind by all these products, the JRIS65, Zoom65, QK65, etc, and adding our own unique 2-3 color tone look.

How many are you planning on selling?
Currently, our MOQ is 300. We plan on capping it at 2K units unless there is a lot of interest.

How long will it take to manufacture the keyboards?
We are aiming for 3 months after the group buy concludes, but may take up to 4 months.

How much will you charge for shipping?
According to CJDropshipping, most places should not cost more than $30USD to ship the keyboard. Shipping may cost more as you add more products.

Will you do additional colors/variations?
If there is enough interest for it (and we have the manufacturing capabilities), then we will cater accordingly.

Will you be doing different layouts?
Hopefully if everything goes well, we would like to make different layouts with fun designs in the future!



08/11/2022 - Interest check and website launches.
09/11/2022 - Socials started
14/11/2022 - Prototypes built and typing tests added.

December 2022
Keyboard reviews launch by Lewis Toh, and Keybored
Group-buy launch (may be delayed)

Blue PVD weight option would be fantastic.

Also please provide exploded view.

Aeris Studio:
Hi! The exploded view will be coming up soon. As for color options, we went with what we thought people would enjoy. If there is a color you want, please let us know through the google form! Thanks for checking out the IC.

awesome price. is the top frame really tall or is it just the render? some keycaps look really sunken in

Aeris Studio:
Yeah some of the renders are a bit messed up. We'll update the gallery and post when we get some real pictures.


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