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I stumbled across something interesting over on their forum.

--- Quote ---You may want to keep an eye on our site for 2008, we are considering a change from the linear switches to tactile. More info will be given if we do go ahead with the change.
--- End quote ---

They also have a poll on the subject:

Now if only they would make a tactile/clicky n-key rollover board without all the cheesy LED garbage. :-P

That's interesting considering for the longest time there were quite adamant about NOT switching from the linear keyswitches.

I guess the customer IS always right.  :)

No matter what switch they use, their 82 key model's layout is still pretty F'ed up.


--- Quote from: xsphat;3234 ---No matter what switch they use, their 82 key model's layout is still pretty F'ed up.
--- End quote ---

I don't think it is all that bad.  Personally, I'd like the BS to be in the same position as on the HHKB.  The arrow keys crowd the right shift (which is what sucks about the SMK-88 and ML4100)...meta keys on only one side of the space bar is probably the biggest issue.

I don't find it any more repulsive than a lot of other space savers.  (at least the arrow keys aren't in some weird configuration)  :)

I bought one DECK 105 keys keyboard with blue light about one and half years ago. I asked my college classmate to bring it back to Taiwan for me.

I have to admit it's truly gorgeous at night, if you have to turn off the lights while you type... ^_^

But the touch is really too hard for me to type it. I have to use almost twice or third times the power to use it. I truly don't know how do they deck co. find those hard cherry black switches.

Owing to its steel board, it's not so easy to change the swithces. I truly hope one day they will produce DECK in brown switches. Blue switches is too noisy for me.. ^_^


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