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--- Quote from: HoffmanMyster on Tue, 15 July 2014, 19:18:33 ---If I could sum up my experience at KeyCon in one photo:

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20140712_164122 by HoffmanMyster, on Flickr

This is a photo of me playing a text based adventure game that required me to interact with a computer inside the game, and you can see the stream in the background on the computer in the distance. 

What a blast.

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nice dude, brings back memories of those old MUD games on the university network :D

Just so everyone knows: everyone else was chumming it up with woody, but I'm upstaging him to hang out with buzz.

He's got style.

You guys went to pixar? NOICE

1 of 2 fabled female attendees ?

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--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Thu, 17 July 2014, 13:01:30 ---1 of 2 fabled female attendees ?

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Dude...that's his mom...


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