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The KBParadise V80MTS will be making an appearance at KeyCon 2015. [ UPDATE ]

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I haven't tried the V80 MTS yet, but I do plan on getting one when they are available.

I'm hoping that since the V80 MTS is made by Costar it will fit in one of the aluminum TEX TKL cases.

Right now I own two V60 MTS's (quiet & clicky switches), and they are very cool boards (only downfall to me is the keycaps). 

I've forwarded comments onto KBP.  I'm waiting to hear back when this will move into production.

I know they've been working on a V100 MX board.  I don't know if they will add Alps compatibility to it yet...

I've received confirmation that the V80MTS PCB will fit in Tex Metal / Acrylic cases.

mfw when you can get an affordable "kingsaver" :D


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