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Pumpkin Carving Contest [LIVE]

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As mentioned in the Pumpkin Carving thread, we will be hosting a Pumpkin carving contest now through November 1st.


1. We will select 10 of the top creations from the group.
2. Your pumpkin doesn't have to be the best in terms of artistic talent, it just needs to show you really put effort and thought into it :)
3. Post a photo of your pumpkin from different angles - you must include a piece of paper with your geekhack name and the date on it in all of the photos
4. We will then post a poll with the top 10, and the 3 designs with the most votes will be the final winners.

The Loot:

1x Multi-color Grumpkin in topre or mx stem type

Excited to see what geekhack comes up with!  :)

awww yeeee

this should be fun :D

I'm all over it boss

awesome, this will be fun...  :)  time to go dust off all my word working tools.  :P


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