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Ok folks - here is the scoop;

Write your werewolf story - how you became a werewolf, and how you would handle the situation. Would you embrace your lycanthropy or fight to contain it?
Write up a solid 1 or 2 paragraphs (or more if you are so inclined). Bonus points for creativity :)


1. Put some effort into it
2. Have fun doing it
3. We will pick the top 3 stories (maybe more)
4. Drink lots of water every day
5. Be nice to others
6. Don't poop where you eat
7..... I got nothing else.

This contest will end on November 1st.

Good luck and most importantly, have fun!!!!

I guess I'll start the festivities

I sniff the cool midnight air and scent something on the wind. The silver moon hangs high above me and the leaves crunch under my paws. For the third moon I have changed. I fought it the first cycle. My body tortured as I laid huddled in the small shack on the edge of the woods. Even now, I fight the change, but I do give in. I can’t fight it. The change, the fur, the crunch of bones in my mouth after a successful hunt. They are all a part of my life as one of the two-natured.

The scent is stronger as I creep deeper into a thicket of trees. I make little sound as my paws pad along the vibrant reminders of fall. I know, in the human part of my mind, that it’s cold outside, but my thick grey fur keeps me warm tonight. The smell. I am unsure if it’s prey or foe. Everything in my life is either prey or foe. Blood or more blood. But this scent, it seems different. Somehow sweeter. Somehow softer. I lift my nose high along a wind current and am still puzzled in both my brains as to what it could be.
Without much warning, a growl sounds to my left. I have been careless. I didn’t catch the change in direction of the wind. The rich, sweet scent drifts from the growl. I feel my lips peel back from my teeth in warning and turn just my head towards my uncertain foe. My eyes, much better in the dark than ever before, spot a black beast. Female. It’s a female and somehow I am sure it’s two-natured like me. Her eyes have an intelligence not found in beasts. Instincts roar to life; ones I didn’t know I had until this moment. I want to roll around and bathe in her scent. I want to make her mine in all the ways our kind can.

She snarls a warning, hackles raised along her taught spine. I make short, cautious steps toward her, my tail tucked between my legs. I don’t want to scare her. I want to bathe in the moonlight and run and bite and **** and share the kill with her. I sniff the air between us and let loose a small howl. She smells like everything I want. She sniffs back and lowers her body to the ground. A small sign of acquiescence. I make small movements around her, making sure not to startle her. I think hard about what this could me for me, for us. I begin to see a future with possibilities and not torture. A companion. Someone who understands. The human in me wants to ask her name, learn her story, but all I can ask for is this night.

Her sleek body leans toward my head as I complete my round. She sniffs my face and gives me a shy, small lick. I smile on the inside, sure in the fact that we will indeed at least share the night. When the moon sets and we change back to something less wild, less ruled by the darkness, we will see what happens next, but for this moment, I am happy. We both lift our noses to the wind again and trot off in the direction of small sound further into the woods. Maybe there will be blood.


I had way too much fun writing this! Sorry I wrote a whole essay! Got carried away.

The Red Hooded Werewolf

Once upon a time there was a werewolf, well who are we kidding, I’m talking about myself. Everyone always asks how werewolves came to be so here’s your answer. I was born in the high altitude Alps and deep woods, specifically the Black Forest region. But that’s not really important. People always think that werewolves are these evil things but in reality most of us are just like the average human.  We are peaceful for the most part, we live where humans live, we search for love, have families, and try to overcome problems. We sleep, eat, play, but the most important thing is we have to hide who we truly are from the humans. I lived a crappy happy, always in fear and hiding until I ran into the girl with the red hood….

The girl in the red hood was the best thing that happened in my life. I was walking through the forest one-day minding my own business when I noticed a pig was running around and squealing in the front of a house trying to dig its way past the old wooden fence. Against all my temptations to have bacons and eggs for breakfast, I went up to the persons house to let them know that they had a pig on the loose.

“BING, BING”, the door swings open. “Hello Ma’am…” was the only words I could get out before the grandma starts screaming at the top of her lungs. “HELP, WE HAVE A STRANGER STEALING OUR PIG”. I gently guide the old lady into her house and entered in behind her, “Ma’am, I knocked on your door to let you know your pig was escaping!” The old lady would not have it, she was shrieking at the top of her lungs. The follicles in my sensitive werewolf ears were tingling, my sound is after all, heightened 10x what the normal person hears.

 “STFU, I’M TRYING TO HELP YOU” were the last words out of my mouth. I couldn’t take it anymore, the screeching was unbearable. The neighbors probably think I’m harming this old lady, I could sense people starting to get suspicious. Already starving from my morning stroll along with the thought of bacon and eggs for breakfast, well, you can guess what happened next. I ate her… My werewolf instincts kicked in right after my meal. I no longer cared what happened. I was full from my meal and had no remorse. Food coma kicked in, I already ate her, might as well take a nap.

I was in a deep dream when I heard a knock on the door. “Crap, I’m caught! Oh crap, oh crap”. My werewolf form had come out, I had to hide it. I immediately grabbed the old ladies clothes, threw it on, and dashed into bed.

“Come in!”

The girl with the red hood slowly waltz in. “Hi Grandma! I brought you some wine and cake! I have so much to tell you! I had an amazing stroll through the forest this morning!”

“I’m not feeling too good today, can you leave the food on the table and come back tomorrow?” Stupid nosy little girls I tell you, she would not listen. She started dancing towards the bed. “Grandma, you got really hairy. You are really warm. What big eyes you have. What big ears you have. What big teeth you have!” Long story short I swallowed her too.

So that’s the story of how I acquired the house I live in now. I gotta say, I didn’t mean to eat the poor grandma and the little girl. Shortly after the story of The Little Red Riding Hood spread within the village. It’s good they make me out to be a bad guy though. I don’t have to hide my identity anymore. I get the house to myself and no one dare nears my property. I never really liked humans anyways. 

This gon be good


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