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--- Quote from: LightningXI on Thu, 15 August 2019, 10:36:41 ---Show Image

Just 'Nuther Skull.

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Holy crap... thatís sick looking dude !!!! Awesome

The details on that thing are incredible, from the sides to the bottom/top  :eek:

The first of Prime Caps Sacred Keyometry Prime Navigator series.

Lightning and I won the Prime Caps 4200 followers giveaway. We were able to create anything we liked. I mentioned to Frank that I loved the Deep Space set. Lightning also enjoys purple. He mentioned a new method he was trying out. We suggested mixing the two! He created this masterpiece and we loved it!!! The All Seeing Eye! Beautiful....  :)

Not showing in the photo, is the amazing maker mark on the back of the cap.. Such detail, such precision. The butts, stems, are perfect... These rule!

Aeon Paradise


--- Quote from: dustinhxc on Wed, 28 August 2019, 23:34:14 ---The first of Prime Caps Sacred Keyometry Prime Navigator series.

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That might be my favorite shade of purple ever. Good stuff!  :thumb:

LightningXI coming in hot with his lurv collection.  :-*

Great pics everyone!

Here is a pic I took, Rainbows End Lurv


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