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[GB In April] Cloudnine 60% - A True Happy Typing Keyboard by Machina

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Designed by Machina

UPDATE 10-03-24
- Price confirmed
- GB time and vendors confirmed
- Colours & Spec confirmed
- More media content to come before GB

Greetings! I'm Ra66it from Australia, and it's hard to believe it's been nearly a year since my initial IC post about Orbit.
Thanks to the incredible support of this wonderful community, Machina has experienced significant growth. With Orbit now nearing completion,
it's time to unveil the next chapter.

Introducing my second keyboard project, Cloudnine by Machina.
This is a 60% keyboard featuring a silicon pin mounting style, which pays homage to the legendary HHKB keyboard.

It's a highly personal design for me. Having used the HHKB for years,
the 6U spacebar layout truly resonates with the essence of the 'true' HHKB layout.
I adore the aesthetics within the asymmetrical design and the history behind this layout.

The project started in July this year, I visited the factory and got my hands on the prototypes in October.

Ideas about the design

I enjoyed the typing feel and sound of the Orbit, so I retained most of the internal design from the previous design, which incorporated the use of four internal weights.
Externally, Cloudnine now features rounded edges and corners, a departure from the design of the Orbit. The majority of chamfers have been transformed into fillets, and the bezels are also slightly widened to accommodate its modern rounded aesthetic.

The look of this keyboard is influenced by the HHKB series (HG variant and Pro2).[/size]

About the name

Coming from the phrase "on cloud nine", describes a feeling of extreme happiness, and joy, which is the same idea of HHKB, a happy hacking/typing keyboard







- Typing angle 7.0
- Front height: 18mm
- Mounting style: Silicon pin/ Tadpole ( 4 hardness options)
- Screwless exterior design (4 detachable silicon feet hiding all the screws at the bottom)
- PCB: MX, Lekker, EC compatible
- 6u wire will be provided with the kit
- Materials:
     - Aluminium Top Case
     - Different bottom case designs:
     - Aluminium Bottom Case with 4 internal weights
     - Full Brass/Copper Bottom Case with 4 internal weights
     - Full Stainless Steel Bottom Case with an orbit shape on the outside



AU & Rest of the world:
South Korea: Geonworks
EU: In Search


Sale Format: GB (April 2024)
Top Case Colour: Black/ Beige/ Silver/ Titanium/ Raw

* Anodized Top Case + Full Brass Bottom Case (clear coated)           $399
* Anodized Top Case + Full Copper Bottom Case (clear coated)         $439
* Anodized Top Case + Full Stainless Steel Bottom Case  (RAW)        $529
* Hotswap                                                                                     +$10
* E-coat                                                                                        +$20* Prices in USD
** By default, comes with a full aluminium plate, 70A hardness silicon pins, 1.6mm PCB, and no flex cut on either PCB or plate.
*** All Bottom Case comes with 4 weight inserts of raw brass/copper.
****6u wire will be provided


Specs in the photos:
Prototype 1: Clear e-coated raw aluminum top case + raw finish stainless steel bottom case + 40a Tadpoles
Prototype 2: Anodised black aluminum top case + clear e-coated copper bottom case (bronze color tone)

Comparing Cloudnine with Orbit:

V1 Prototype
- 1.6mm PCB with no flex cut
- 4 screws between the top and bottom case
- 4 separate rubber feet
- Stainless steel weights

V2 Prototype
- EC, MX PCBs tested
- SS bottom will come with brass weights
- Wk/ Wkl will be available
- Minor internal changes


V1 Log

Overall I am happy with the typing feel and sound, no foam is needed as expected, but I still need to test out the SS weights vs brass weights before I upload any typing test.
For the next stage, after hearing some feedback from Discord, I will bring in the WK and WKL top cases to the design.
The EC and Lekker are something still under development, please let me know in the IC form if these are something you guys want.
In terms of colours, with all these new additions to the design, colours will be cut down to 4 - 5 options, please fill in the IC form if you are interested.

V2 Log

Almost ready to go!
Just hanging tight for those review units to ship out, and then we'll dive into the group buy!

Here are the changes for V2:
- EC / MX will be available at the launch.
- Dropped Lekker due to lack of interest from IC feedback.
- Dropped Aluminum bottom due to lack of interest from IC feedback.
- Colours are locked in:  Black/ Beige/ Silver/ Titanium/ Raw

Thank you all for reading till the end!
While we may be encountering some turbulence within the hobby, I'm genuinely appreciative of the people who have stood by me throughout this journey, affording me the opportunity to create something I'm truly passionate about. Happy typing everyone!


I'm personally a big fan of cool machining patterns :cool: and the fact that it's True HHKB makes it even better (screw 7u HHKB  :p)
IDK if possible but I can see some people wanting the ripple w/o the diamond but I don't mind it at all tbh.

GL with IC  :thumb:

Been waiting for a 60 version of the orbit, would like to see the ec implementation of this.

please consider EU proxy :)

That steel bottom is so nice.

Also consider a EU proxy please.


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