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Brandless replacement cases

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Hi Carter,

I know you mentioned a while ago that you guys will offer these replacement cases separately, so any info on ETA and price would be great. Thanks, and congrats on the subforum.

Yea me too, I wouldn't mind to give an option to even void for warranty for those.  :))

Some in Australia have wondered about these too, as all our CFRs seem to be branded.

I know this isn't your area, but could you get some info on brandless QFR cases for us Europeans? I mailed the CM EU support about it but all I got out of them was a very short reply saying they don't have brandless cases.

Hi guys, they have been ordered but taking a bit of time to come in for some reason. Should be able to get ETA today.

As for other regions carrying this, I will suggest to them but its very difficult to convince them to take on the voided warranty risk. This was a hoop I had to jump through to get this done but doubtful other regions will take the same leap of faith.

I will plead my case though! 


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