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I have a bad keyboard. Please help!QWERUIOP78+9!

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Was there a resolution to this issue?
Sorry, I was just made aware of this forum and I just joined GH a few days ago!

It was a lot of red tape. After i emailed them twice, i finally got a half ass response and even that had poor direction on it as to what to do. I expected better customer service. I ended up tossing the keyboard all together.  :mad:

The red tape, while unfortunate, is there for a reason. We get a steady stream of unscrupulous people who have defrauded our customer service team, and so it's necessary that we protect ourselves.

I really wish I was able to get to help you earlier :( If you decide to purchase another of our keyboards, you can count on me to be part of your service experience.

I do understand the red tape. However, i did provide them with the serial number and confirmation of purchase like they requested and it still wasn't enough. The fact that there were other complaints about this keyboard should have showed CM Storm that this was a legitimate claim. All i asked was to exchange the keyboard. I didn't want any money back. I just wanted to exchange it.  :mad:


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