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I want some sort of PS2 to USB for my original Dolch board. I'd like to make it small and internal.

I think USB-USB controller will cost around $50 and $8 for shipping, not final price though.
I ordered USB host chips from China but not receive them yet, it will take more a week or two. After getting the chips my production process will take a week.

BTW, Kinesis has another viable option to think about, this controller replaces Kinesis original MCU and allows to upload custom firmware.

--- Quote from: pkircher on Wed, 03 June 2015, 13:04:13 ---id love to get my hands on one .. .. that should get the kinesis advantage to a new level .. pm me with a price and an aprox turnaround time


--- End quote ---

I think Teensy 2.0 or Pro micro is also small enough to accommodate it inside of the keyboard. And way cheaper than my converter, unfortunately :p

If you still want my converter for some reason I'm happy to sell my converter definitely. I can assemble the converter without USB or/and PS/2 connector if it is useful when you install it inside the case. It costs $25 + $7 for shipping.

--- Quote from: heedpantsnow on Wed, 03 June 2015, 15:12:47 ---I want some sort of PS2 to USB for my original Dolch board. I'd like to make it small and internal.

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: hasu on Wed, 27 May 2015, 07:23:47 ---Yes I think so.
If it is a normal keyboard without fancy functions like NKRO it works with this converter.

--- End quote ---

Do you think it would work with a Poker II? I don't really know what a keyboard "with fancy functions" means :D Would there be a way to check this somehow?
The Poker II is not PS/2 compatible so I can't use your USB<>PS/2 converter on it... but it would be perfect if your new USB<>USB converter worked!

Poker II uses NKRO mode I don't think USB to USB conveter works with it at this moment.
But I believe firmware can force it to work in 6KRO mode with future update.

What I meant by "fancy functions" are NKRO, media control keys and system control keys. The converter doesn't recognize those keys.


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