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Keyboards / Re: Switch Replacement Tips....???
« Last post by Rafen on Sat, 04 December 2021, 20:19:34 »
Not a tactile guy, run linear switches in all my boards. With that being said why are you worried about bottoming out?
Been rocking Solarized themes on my IDEs for ages now - can't wait to go full nerd with this. Very excited!
Keyboards / Re: Re-using desoldered MX switches in hotswap boards
« Last post by Rafen on Sat, 04 December 2021, 20:10:21 »
I basically did what Rob did on my first hotswap board. The next board I bought I used brand new switches because removing the solder on the pins was so time consuming. So it can be done but it will take some time.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] KAMistry
« Last post by dvorcol on Sat, 04 December 2021, 19:55:05 »
It's great to see there will be a homing kit.  Please consider adding middle finger homing for QWERTY.

Interest Checks / Re: [IC] DSA Gotham
« Last post by dvorcol on Sat, 04 December 2021, 19:27:33 »
Please consider adding a homing kit to support alternative layouts.

Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] GMK Tiramisu | MOQ Met | Last Day!!
« Last post by JohnYYZ on Sat, 04 December 2021, 19:06:16 »
Last day of the GB! Get it so you don't miss out!  ;D
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] KS65
« Last post by YMwoo on Sat, 04 December 2021, 19:01:47 »
Finally something that looks unique.
I dig it and the blue looks nice too though I think something more like a baby blue would be nice too.
Off Topic / Re: ORION v3 owners help !
« Last post by LightningXI on Sat, 04 December 2021, 18:53:52 »
BL only covers backlighting which is in-switch LEDs (the two-pin ones)

RGB controls the underglow (SMD RGB LEDs on the PCB). You could just try flashing the VIA hex file located here, and just use VIA with the JSON file uploaded in the Design tab:

--> Code --> Download zip

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It now works just perfectly well : your workaround is 100% functional.Truly the Elevated elder you are.

Glad to hear. Enjoy your Orion!

One last question if I may about individual LED backlights. I'm on Orion v2.1 PCB and I soldered on every spot, through the switch, a LED diode to the PCB (1.8mm). I then install firmware as you explained me earlier but no lights are turning on. Have you expericnced such an issue ? What might be the problem here ?

If it's on VIA already, you could try turning the backlights on through the Lighting tab, I'd imagine. If not, there may be a keycode for backlight toggling as well that you could map onto the PCB and try pressing that.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Keychron Q4 - 60%
« Last post by Kokaloo on Sat, 04 December 2021, 18:25:16 »
where's the 40
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