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2-bit Joe:
The keyboard for this Kaypro II looks to be in good condition.

I hope people don't mind if I'm promoting Good Will auctions.  They seem like a worthy cause.  Some other folks here on geekhack have shared their stories of rebuilding the keyboard for a Kaypro II, and this one looks like it's in good shape.

The current bid is $11.

The whole package comes in at a hefty 29lbs. Definitely a cool keyboard though (SMK vintage linears)

Hak Foo:
I have a Kaypro 2X that I worked on bringing up recently.  (the drives seem to be so far off alignment that they can't even read each others' discs, let alone ones written by another machine, so I had to basically bring in a third drive to bootstrap it)  The keyboard is okay, but don't scrap a potentially workable machine for the sake of it.  The case is decidedly clunky by modern standards, and the layout is awkward for PC style usage, lacking in modifiers and providing you with arrow keys in a really awkward place.

I've come on board with the "don't scrap old machines for their keyboards" crowd, now that there's a new-replacement for everything from Beamsprings on downward, and seeing that kit I used to pass up in the thrift shop as common is virtually unobtainable now.


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