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Drop Holy Panda X Switch Review

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Hey all,

Remember that thing that I had said came up over the weekend that stopped me from doing Scorecard Sunday? Well this was that thing. Fresh off the presses the exact second I was allowed to, I bring to you the first (and only review you'll need) of the new Drop Holy Panda X switches.

Scorecard Repository:

I hope you all enjoy, as this is quite possibly the longest single-switch review I've ever posted before, even disregarding the new section I added as well. After all, would it really be a Holy Panda switch without a bit of drama...?

Until next time.


 :thumb:  Good review on these, just received my 70 and so far these blow my Polia's out of the water - also swapped from my 63.5g Aqua Kings (which I guess I lucked out on the v1's - as my set has had no issues compared to others, including yourself).  Loving the feel of these and now I want to delve deeper into the tactile side of the pool (looks like they have a nice waterslide on their side too, lol).  Didn't realize you had a review when I asked yesterday on IG.

Great evaluation

Nothing drop produces I can take seriously. Just look at DCX.

Why didn't you test the gateron black ink v2? The box version is similar, not identical.


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