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'92 Model M (missing a cable)

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I know this is an old thread (older than I've been here!)... But I'm laughing because this Model M in question was apparently a p/n 1397721, one of a small number with the Wang logo instead of IBM's.

(Image courtesy of

They're exceedingly rare. Wang's founder hated IBM. It was only after he died, and when their own computers were doing poorly, that they made a deal in June, 1991 to resell rebranded IBM products. Which they got from IBM in exchange for company stock—not IBM's greatest idea, it turned out. Wang went went bankrupt two months later, and all unsold IBM-branded Wang hardware was destroyed (source: Wikipedia's Wang Labs page).

So the only 1397721's out there are from the very small number of Wang-rebranded IBM PCs people bought during that brief and obviously unsuccessful period. If you Google the part number, you'll get only a handful of results (including this thread, and ClickKeyboards' page with that image).

So... Yes, I certainly would've considered this a "good deal", am am sorry I didn't know about GH or Model M's till several years later [shrug].

Now you know, too: If you spot a 1397721, grab it!

interesting lol


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