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TTC Tiger Switch Review

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Thanks for sharing your experience!

EDIT oops originally left a comment for the wrong review, i ended up browsing ur site and changed articles lol

What an interesting switch! I haven't seen one with all those different parts before. But dang the price, for not tooo much gain oof


--- Quote from: ThereminGoat on Sun, 15 May 2022, 10:15:07 ---Hey all,

My month hiatus from switch reviews is finally over and I'm glad as ever to be back. To kick things off in proper fashion, I of course had to start off with a long review featuring the Lunar New Year themed TTC Tiger Switches! If you've not heard of these switches yet, trust me you'll want to see all the crazy designs and features TTC has packed into both these and the TTC OG Tiger switches as well...

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As always, thank you everyone for the support over the past month and for the continued support as I restart up the content. There's so much stuff I want to get out there this summer and you have no idea how excited I am!


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A different but truly optimal design


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