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KMAC with Red Alert set from sixty

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A wise man told me that once I start typing on a KMAC, I would throw away all my other keyboards...   and you know what, if it wasn't for some sentimental reason, I would've done just that (already traded my Filco Limited Edition reds with a Type-S).  So I got the "winkeyless" version meaning no Windows keys at all and also there were 2 color choices, silver or titanium.  I opted for the later.  It doesn't come fully assembled and since I have neither the time nor the equipment (soldering iron being one of them), I had someone else do them for me...  and yes, the switches have been sticker modded and also lubricated.

You can see some pics of the assembly here (pics might take awhile to load) and also it's the silver one.

After 8 months, the Red Alert set finally came in for sixty so I thought I combine both of them here together.  The RA set is beautiful and has many combinations (for ANSI, ISO, full, tenkeyless, etc).  The packaging was efficient and it arrived reasonably quick (all the way from Berlin).  The set also includes any defective keycaps and their replacement, etc.

With LEDs on, you can see the underglow effect on RA set.

This thing is heavy even though it's has aluminum case.
Tipping off the scale at 3.74 Lbs.

Cherry MX black w/ 55g springs

Switches w/ LEDs

More pics with LEDs lit up..  now I'm not a big fan of keyboards with LEDs but these are beautiful.  They're very subdued and not overly bright as you can see below

Full shot with Ascaii's doubleshot set & Caps Lock key from Reptile

Feet are consisting of 2 parts, the thick washers and the nuts

Rubber strip to prevent it from sliding and Allen bolts

USB cutout and the port

Now, there were some delay due to the fact that the KMAC organizers weren't too happy when the first few batches arrived.  The colors on the 2 pieces didn't match (top and bottom frames) so they had to send the whole original batch back and wait for the new batch.  Last I've seen they're selling off these off-color 2 tones at a discount price over at Korean keyboards enthusiast forums (where whiskerBox frequents a lot these days lol).

Now I was told that the 2 tone color on the frames couldn't be fixed and that they're not going to make them in titanium anymore on the next group buy.  TBH, on mine, I can't really tell the difference too much unless I'm looking at it from an angle with some bright/natural light shining on the case.  Anyone else got the same color please post some pics of your frames.

Earlier pic of the frames (the ones they sent back)

That's it for now and if you have any question please let me know.

Gorgeous looking! Yeah once you go into the realm of customs the normal ones just aren't the same haha

BTW silver > titanium I already told BiNi this :rofl:

Meh, I like my titanium anyway. :fish:  Here's a pic of the silver one (borrowed from Taeyoung).

Where do i get one O_O

So jealous Reaper!


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