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transph0bic documentary.

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Just watched the Matt Wa1sh documentary.

Obviously they've framed it heavily from their chosen perspective, and it's clearly politically charged/motivated.

It's readily agreeable that Gender is however the individual wants to define it given the surplus of time-wealth and relatively innocuous nature of the label change.

But, the concerns over the medical transitioning aspect is somewhat valid, as many people may not be at the right age or intellectual development to decide on the risk of invasive / powerful chemical interventions.

In general, drug companies are all too happy to take people's money, and pander the side-effects of their wares.

Should we at least have age requirements on the chemical stuff for safety reasons?

What're the community thoughts on the interventions?

medical procedures should remain between a patient and their doctor and conservatives need to stop obsessing over what genitals people have in their pants

You're asking disingenuous "questions" either on purpose or accidental because of "talking points" and you're not actually helping anyone. You're doing exactly what this film was meant to do, creating controversy where there shouldn't be any.

There are requirements, including age requirements.
The "standards of care" (or most of them anyhow) have been in place for DECADES and easily researched, the outcomes are well documented, the major (credible) medical organizations are all in agreement, it's not a question nor is there any need for discussion. Stop playing wannabe doctor and let doctors, experts, parents and kids decide their care plan... It doesn't effect you, you have no dog in this hunt and you have no understanding of it, stay the hell out of it. If you want to meddle in other people's care you should expect others to meddle in your care. You might wanna keep that in mind because today it may be how your neighbors kid gets care but tomorrow it could be them deciding how you or your kid are treated. Or not treated...

For the record,
About 60 kids got bottom surgery last year. 60. And you can bet every single one of them was at extremely high risk of suicide, most likely even tried numerous times (trans suicide is insanely high). Surgery is a last ditch effort, not a first response (even for adult trans people). By contrast thousands of kids got top surgery, 99% or more of which was teen girls getting bigger boobs. So why is it perfectly okay for for a 15 year old girl to get DD boobs or even get pregnant without even speaking to a doc, both have far more life impact than merely delaying puberty so you have time to decide and get a better outcome.

Medical care should be between you and your doc, not crowd sourced or decided by someone who possibly wants you dead. That's not hyperbole, many of these rules/laws are meant to create a trans genocide (looking at you Florida) and once it's done they're coming for gays and lesbians and it won't stop there. The bill waiting for the Gov of Florida to sign allows docs to decide who they want to treat and not treat. It also makes it so ALL trans care (even for adults) has to go through the governors office for approval (which will never happen). This is an emergency order so it goes into effect as soon as it's signed and there is no grandfathering for those already being treated or even already transitioned. Basically it outlaws all transgender care in Florida and it will get people killed. Oh, it also makes it illegal to leave the state for care and they can take your kid if they think you plan to do so.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, tough sh*t.
Frankly, I'd have phrased this entire thing A LOT more harsh if I didn't worry about getting banned for it. It's not an honest discussion, nor is it proper. I don't blame you TP, you were swindled, but screw these guys and what they're trying to do.

Cursory scan of the internet, it seems a relatively small quantity of youth go through the treatments. ~20,000 all inclusive.

That's about half the number of gun deaths, so in the grand scheme, at least top down, it seems minimally dangerous.

LLann, are we sure about these chemicals though ?

Regular medicine, legally/properly prescribed, already kills quite alot of people per year. Bout, 100-150 thousand deaths a year.

To clarify, Tp4's distrust is with capitalist medicine in general, not of the movement, it stands to reason trans individuals have enough necessity and agency to modify themselves.

You're entirely focused on the wrong end of the problem.

Treatment doesn't always equal surgery or even hormones and there's not enough trans people for big pharma to get involved.
All of it is off-label use often making it difficult to find a doc (and shrink) willing to actually work with them (that alone is an expensive gauntlet) however the effects of the meds are well known because they're used to treat other hormonal issues such as birth control, birth defects, hair loss, menopause and testicular cancer. Hormone levels are regularly tested and monitored if they're prescribed and once puberty (or second puberty) is complete they're dropped to a lower dose for safety and while the hormones could cause cancer the meds could never kill them faster than the suicide (over 40%) and murder rates (10%) they already face. Don't forget the surgical risks, increased risk of rape, homelessness, and inability to even afford treatment in the first place. With those odds do you really think a slight increased risk of cancer later in life scares them?

As for the numbers, the numbers are what they are.
Why are there so many all of a sudden? Because we (mostly) stopped actively hunting and killing them. Forget big pharma, the biggest threat these people face are people like Desantis, Walsh, Carlson and bigots in general and it's been that way all throughout history.


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