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Dactyl 5x7 handwired - Need help xD

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Hello everyone!
I decided to build my first hand-wired keyboard but I am facing some challenges probably due to my lack of knowledge. I hope some good souls can help me finish this project.

I went for a 5x7 with 5 thumb keys and an additional column in the inner part of the keyboard for some additional keys.
This is the keyboard shell (right):

Here is how I wired both

I am using the default 5x7 firmware from QMK, both half seem to work correctly when plugged separately, when plugged together only the master one works (in my case the left one).

I have been having hard times the last few weeks.

I had the same issue with an ergo I was building, I tried multiple cables, firmware... Even my own...

Hopefully someone has a solution but from what I've read some Pro micros are labeled wrong for the i2c/serial and certain pro micros just seem to not work well in pairs, though it could be due to the bad labeling. I know that doesn't solve the problem, point is, it may not be something you did, but something to do with the arduinos. Don't do what I did and rip out the wiring or build a second set of Arduinos (same pack) only to have the same problem in the end... Mine's still not done because I was just done with it after all that.

I'm pretty confident about my soldering points, but I have some doubts about the second Arduino connection.
Someone say it is necessary to invert columns and rows in the board, someone say nothing about it.
Also I think that the 5x7 layout is the most unappreciated and underdeveloped among all the layouts.
Hopefully someone can help, the fact that singularly everything works is encouraging.
In the worst case scenario, is it possible to connect both the halfs singularly as 2 different devices?

Thank you for your help guys!

Forgot to say, my ProMicros are 5V 16mhz.
Hopefully, it will be useful in identifying the problem.


--- Quote from: matbie1989 on Thu, 24 August 2023, 17:13:07 ---Someone say it is necessary to invert columns and rows in the board, someone say nothing about it.

--- End quote ---
Even if you don't invert the rows you should get something, which you got when hooked each up as master.
If the wiring is wrong it would be the i2c/serial cable.

And yes you can hook up booth separate and use them together, however modifiers will not carry over from one to the other if you do that, so hitting shift on left will not effect the right and vice versa (caps lock would).


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