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Looking to sell my Fjell, $240 obo. Includes dark grey pbt, original brass plate, and Nerd60 PCB (NOT WORKING).
Preference to local pickup in Manhattan.

Its a phenomenal case, but the PCB has some wierd issue causing a few switches to not work. Debug attempt thread here: I assume its fixable, but I just didn't have time/equipment to deal with it.


HHKB Pro 2, $160

Past Postings:

CST Trackball, $20

TR8-0R, NightStalker, Puple Zealios
TR8-0R - MX, NightStalker - MX, 62g Puple Zealios - 77x - $(I can't remember the price. Sold as bundle)

Asahi Pentax Lens
MoreAsahi SMC Pentax 100mm 1:2.8 Lens. Thrift find. Good condition, but I don't have a body for it. Comes with original case, but the bottom has separated. - $100

MoreCopperDog + JTK StormTrooper
Thread -


Blackwing Plates
MoreI have a few extra plates from my Blackwing project, thread:
Cut at BigBlueSaw, from 316 Stainless Steel.
I wanted to make a few more iterations and sell the completed projects, but this summer didn't go as planned.

$30/plate + shipping

CAD screenshot:

MoreDecided to build a custom (, the BlackWing, this summer.

Unfortunately I'm not really able to use a nonstandard layout right now, since I'm using lab keyboards pretty much every day.
This was a great project and learning experience for me, but for now I have to move on to other ventures.
Asking $190 + Shipping. Open to trades.
(Artisan not included)

Geekhack thread:

Reddit thread:

Matias ErgoDox

Asking $225, shipped. Used lightly for about four months. Programmed with the Massdrop Configurator. Everything works perfectly.

The Story: I really liked the Ergodox design, but am not a huge fan of cherry switches, so I wanted to try to put Matias switches in one. I looked for a tried and true method of doing so, but all I could find was one or two posts of people with PCB mounted versions, which simply would not do (I don't do things the easy way). So I decided to just pull the trigger and start ordering components, and hope that I could figure things out.

The 'Dox kit was ordered from FalbaTech, the switches from, and the caps from eBay. The switches are Matias clicky.

Fast forward a month or two, and I had all the components, and so I had to try and figure out how to make these switches fit in the plate cutouts. I thought about machining the plate, but that seemed like it was going to be too involved and complicated, so I decided to hand file each individual cutout to make them fit.

It took a while, but every switch fits nice and snugly. Some of the pins had to be bent a bit to fit the PCB, but all in all I couldn't believe how well it all went together. And here we are. I really like the board, but in the process of building it, I found out that I enjoy making boards more than I do owning them, and so now I'm selling this bad boy to fund my next ventures.

imgur gallery:


This is very cool. Hard work bears sweet fruit!


--- Quote from: openmiceagle on Mon, 10 August 2015, 13:09:31 ---This is very cool. Hard work bears sweet fruit!

--- End quote ---


Also, bump.



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