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--- Quote from: dvnmk on Thu, 17 November 2016, 08:14:43 ---I hope also upgrade kit to adv2, but I think adv1 and 2 is so different.
So so, I upgraded the func keys mit cherry ml in diy stil.
It's not so difficult, but mechanical switch is super.

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Do you have any internal pics of the function row key modification?  Do the function row PCBs support ML keys or did you hand-wire them?

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MLs on PCB via hand-wiring

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I'm trying to do similar mod with replacing old rubber functional keys with ML switches.
I'm looking for a way to connect wires to the controller. I guess one option is to solder each wire on the back side of controller's PCB, but I'm afraid to damage it. So I was trying to connect wires using already existing 13-pin socket.
My wire connection does not work very well  :( , and I'm not sure if problem is with connection itself or may be I have a short circuit somewhere in my own PCB.
How did you connect wires from switches to the controller?

Just solder with wire. Nothing will be damaged.


--- Quote from: dvnmk on Mon, 22 March 2021, 05:15:27 ---Just solder with wire. Nothing will be damaged.

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Thank you! This connector on your picture is a very good idea, I'll use something similar.

Input Nirvana:
Would be nice to see some more in dept photos of the work you are doing for the function switches.

A bit more colorful, not just black and white at the moment, I guess ;D


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