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Is there any chance I can get my hands on a Numpad kit?


--- Quote from: Schneuzi on Mon, 29 November 2021, 07:46:25 ---Is there any chance I can get my hands on a Numpad kit?

--- End quote ---

I'm in the same boat, there may be extras for sale closer to the end of production. Worse comes to worst, /r/mechmarket ftw.

Do we know what stage this groupbuy is in right now?

according to designer has requested another round of samples 1st of December. So production has not started yet...

Sorry for the small amount of updates in the last couple of months over here.

We're currently waiting for the 3rd round of samples for Stealth, which will be the last round of samples due to the already good samples in hand.

Here is a comparison of the first and second round of samples, going from left to right.

I would recommend joining my Discord if you'd like to get frequent updates. I'm uploading updates every second week, to keep everyone on track!

Virtual Designworks Discord


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