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01 November

Adding my first artisan service: metal business cards (ID cards). Made out of aluminum alloy, photographic quality print is done via sublimation.

Get them on:
etsy: Etsy

1 November 2021 UPDATED artisan list so far (partial update)
The Traveller goes from town to town in search for his long lost friend.
- Imgur:

- Silence. Space themed cap featuring an astronaut lost in the void
Blood Moon


Into the Sun


-The Box (Episode 1)
"The Box" is a short story I'm writing. It also involves comic book style animations in order to present the story. Part 1 can be found here: (The Box, Part 1)

I'm doing the writing and episode montage. I've contracted an illustrator and voice actors for part 1, a collaboration which will continue in part 2 and hopefully until the story is finished.

Join the club, enjoy the drama! #MadeInLondon

VIDEOThe Box - Artisan keycap series - part 1

This is the prototype of "the box" that you can also see in the video.

Chance are, I won't be using this process too often, as it takes a lot of time (compared to resin), but it's worth it, for how solid they feel.

Question "Who tf are you?"
Hi, I'm Cosmin, I live in London, you can find me under this name on most platforms.

Any other questions, hop on to discord!


* Sea farer
* Honor guard
* Silver hand
* Dune keeper
* Night bound

Prolonging IC, postponing shipping.
Matte prototypes soon (replacing the glossy ones).
Moving to keep numbers at max 150 pcs, but 30 of each instead of 50 * 3 colorways

* snug fit on cherry mx
* max. 50 30*each of the 35 colorways
* I'll mark each cap with "1of5030" on the inside
* 5 colours right now, I will run with 3, will go with 30* each colour after IC
* shipping end of Marchstart of Q2, due to lack of interest

Update 12 January 2021.
New pics, various stages for Honor Guard and Sea Farer.

Update 17 Jan 2021
New pics of the process.
Dune Keeper

Night Bound

Silver Hand


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