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--- Quote from: nathanchere on Mon, 20 December 2021, 03:05:37 ---Fantastic news  ^-^ Where will the build stream be hosted?

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Today Monday Dec 20th at 1pm EST (6pm GMT for us Europeans) Alexotos will build and review one of the R2 prototypes. It has a few flaws that has been adressed already but will provide a good picture of how it will feel in your hands :)


--- Quote from: Garner on Fri, 17 September 2021, 13:36:29 ---
--- Quote from: nathanchere on Thu, 16 September 2021, 10:44:38 ---That gold finish looks damn fine. Seeing those two cases so close side by side makes me wonder, have you considered designing a matching wrist wrest to fit with that front curve and keep with the layered chamfer aesethetic?

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I actually have a draft of a wristrest I designed to match the design and colors of this board but I never really got any further. Mainly because I'm not sure if an aluminum rest would be comfortable but also because they would be quite costly and I'm not sure if enough people would be willing to buy them to bring the cost down

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By the way even though there are very soft wrist wrests, there are also plenty out there made of wood, resin etc and they're still comfortable. It's mostly about giving you a place to rest your wrists (hence the name :D ) to lift your hands and reduce backwards bending at the wrists rather than being soft. I'd still potentially be on board for a wrist rest matching the board aesthetic.

New and fresh typing tests from Alexotos and Filledtypes is now added to the thread!

I'm excited to announce the group buy will go live on Thursday Feb 10th!

- Final pricing and quantities is now listed in the thread.

- Zion Studios will run the group buy for the Asian region.

- Added pictures of carrying case and wrist rest option.

So the wrist rests are happening too? Damn, this is the most I've been impressed with a keyboard group buy in a long time. Jätte bra jobbet


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