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--- Quote from: MIGHTY CHICKEN on Sun, 25 April 2021, 16:01:10 ---Do enjoy the colors, any chance for a dark green?

--- End quote ---

Not even 24 hours have passed and I have actually received several suggestions for a green finish. Won't promise anything at the moment but might be open to attempt some green renders later on.  :thumb:

--- Quote from: antsinyourpants on Mon, 26 April 2021, 00:27:33 ---Love it! It looks like something from Star Trek. The colours are amazing too. I'm not a huge fan of the 1st Edition plaque though.

--- End quote ---

Thank you for the feedback, it would help me a lot if you stated your opinons about the plaque in my IC form if you haven't already!

Just a small bump to say that I added a new section to easier follow up on what's happening in the project.
Will post updates here and the progress channel on Discord as things move forward.

--- Quote ---What's ongoing right now?


What's planned?

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Two weeks have passed since the initial IC and lots of changes has been implemented already. I'm looking forward to collecting new feedback and opinions from you guys.

Some of the changes:
- IC has been updated with better looking renders with keycaps.
- The mounting style has been revamped.
- PCB Plate will also be offered in polycarbonate.
- IC Form has been updated.

I also gave the IC thread a facelift with animated renderings and better structure

I know it won't happen but I left my vote in IC for a HHKB top and split spacebar support. Love the design otherwise.

With feedback comes results and with results comes changes and implementations!

There has been a significant demand for HHKB top and it had me think twice.
As I merged the four previous PCB plates into one, the logistical work decreased by a lot - I therefore decided to also offer a HHKB top frame.

Some other news and changes:
- Cutouts for split spacebar has been added, one 6.25u and one 7u option.
- Prototype has been ordered.
- Added HHKB render for each finish.

IC Form will stay open until the prototype arrives.


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