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Antivax ?

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--- Quote from: chyros on Thu, 27 January 2022, 03:22:43 ---You keep calling them nano-machines but they're NOTHING like that, and they have no behaviour or thought. That's my whole point. The way they work is based on nothing but inevitability.

--- End quote ---

I'm not arguing that they're capable of independent thought,   only that there is extremely intimate "interlink"  between their whereabout and behavior WITH the collective animal consciousness.


ffffffffffffffffffffffff,     are you serious....

This thread on reddit,  OMG... Read the Top Comment   ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

I tried to read that, but reddit always just looks like random gibberish to me.

The thread title is,


followed by top comment written by ANTIVAXXERS

My dad almost died from cancer because covid kept canceling his treatments


This is the real health crisis


This hits home hard for me. My father in law kept getting “elective” checkups pushed back for 8 MONTHS due to local hospital being “overwhelmed” by COVID. Meanwhile he proceeded to go from a solidly built 230 to a frail 150. Turns out he has stomach cancer. The only reason he was seen was because we just said **** it and took him to the ER.


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