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dvorak mechanical keyboard?

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or give up and give in to colemak


--- Quote from: AndrewZorn;143128 ---or give up and give in to colemak
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Be patient, you'll learn the layout eventually.
Switch back to QWERTY whenever you get frustrated, then back to dvorak once you calm down again. This really helped (my sanity) when I was learning dvorak (and Colemak as well).

I've been learning Colemak for a over a month now, and I finally feel like I have a good grasp of the layout (never have to look at a Colemak layout now). The more familiar with the layout you are the higher you can get your maximum typing speed.


--- Quote from: AndrewZorn;143128 ---or give up and give in to colemak
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And start complaining that on Colemak you're pressing R instead of S and viceversa all the time, and that some rolls give you the willies ;-)

Jokes apart, each layout has its stumbling blocks you'll overcome eventually.


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Exactly. :-(


--- Quote from: leos;143085 ---is easy to learn dvorak or colemak if the user uses qwertz? is also efficient to do this?

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Colemak has been designed to be an easy transition from Qwerty. I'd say that is the same from Qwertz.

--- Quote from: leos;143085 ---can i type ,,,, also with dvorak or colemak?
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Dvorak hasn't any official variant supporting accented characters. Unofficial variants exists which do that. Search the Internet for a Dvorak layout targetting your language.

Colemak does have an international variant, but AFAIK it has not been designed for extensive use. Maybe there are Colemak variants for different languages too. Check the Colemak forum:


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