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dvorak mechanical keyboard?

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IBM Model M or derivatives have identical keycaps that can be interchanged without messing up key heights / angles.  Also some older membrane boards are similar.  As you mentioned, stickers are another alternative.

Personally I found keyboard drills more useful than swapping keycaps.

is easy to learn dvorak or colemak if the user uses qwertz? is also efficient to do this?
can i type ,,,, also with dvorak or colemak?


--- Quote from: webwit;143086 ---If you haven't learned this, it is pretty hard.
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i know this site
but... i dont know that colemak was multilingual.

many thanks


 German (Deutsch)

    * , , : AltGr+[q], AltGr+[;], AltGr+[y]. Alternative: AltGr+[d] {letter}
    * : AltGr+

forget it

I use Colemak with International English input language and dead keys for ' and ". I'm not too happy with the dead keys but rather that than AltGr. I never use the .


--- Quote from: chimera15;142987 ---Remembering back to when I was learning qwerty I would constantly glance down at my keys on my keyboard to give my brain a visual cue where the keys were before I had them totally ingrained in my mind.

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Glancing down at the keyboard does not help with Dvorak, since the letter your are looking for is very likely right under a finger of yours. Moreover, you will keep glancing, and that will slow down your memorization process.

As it has been suggested already, do not swap keycaps on your keyboard, but print the layout and hang the print somewhere. I know it's difficult, but it can be done, and it will be rewarding in the long term.

--- Quote from: chimera15;142987 ---One of the things I'm having difficulty remembering is that it's a o e u i layout for the vowels, this slows me down a bunch having to remember which key is under which finger constantly.

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Yes, vowels are an issue while you are learning. I remember having issues with V and W too.

By all means, practice with a tutor like ABCD.

Keep up the good work!


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