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SHKB: HHKB-controller with USB-C and 3-port 3.0 HUB

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I would hope it doesn't end up being Thunderbolt. The only devices I have which support it are NUCs. It wouldn't work with any of my desktops or laptops. I can't think of a scenario where I would want a Thunderbolt hub in my keyboard even if I had all Intel gear.

A somewhat related update:

The USB 3.1 HUB is unfortunately still not really viable for production due to the silicon shortage. Because this project is so hard to produce currently, I decided to do a "Lite version" with just a USB 2.0 HUB that focus on cost and ease of production. I also opted to use a USB-Mini connector, so it'll be a proper drop in replacement controller for the Pro 2 with no need to modify the case.

SHKB Lite - Mini:

This is the first prototype, I ran into one bug with the bus power indication, so I had to connect a resistor to 1.8V instead of GND. This has been updated in Revision A2 and the files is up on github in the SHKB repo.

I will try to make these available soon-ish on my page, but it's available on GitHub ( for DIY. I'll do some long-term testing, but all seems good so far. Thanks for showing interest in the project. :D

First, amazing work on this project  :thumb:!!!

I was going to take the DIY for the USB 3.1 Rev B via JLC.  Unfortunately the ship shortage has driven up the price pretty high for some of the components.  For the parts they have in stock the mark up on some of the board components is mind blowing due to the shortage.  The TPD2EUSB30ADRTR alone are 35USD per item (bulk from Arrow is around 0.18 USD, which is still probably 3x what they used to be).  The total cost for two of the Rev B USB 3.1 boards from JLC came out to ~1,200 USD :(.

Needless to say I must patiently wait until the supply chain catches back up if I want an assembled.

For the adventurous folks out there who have piles of old electronics boards laying around you might be able to harvest the components from some old boards and then surface mount them yourself.  Unfortunately, I just packed up my electronics lab for a move so this will need to wait :(.


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