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Vier Zwanzig MKIII 2018

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LoL, take a wild guess who got first in. Y'all need to hang out with him, rub his head and go out to buy all the lotto tickets!

A works have been accounted for. Umm... yup. That's what I wanted to say alright.
So yeah, time for beer or?

Items will be shipping out this week. And that is what I will keep telling myself.

Fun Snapple cap fact-
The time between the first in and the last was all of about 4 seconds.

Gawd I forgot how much of a pain in the ass this is. Well, at least half of you made it easy. lol

Between glitches with Hotmail and PayPal and payments sent in less than ideal formats I am amazed this can be done at all. The evil things I would do to the programmers who work on Hotmail/Outlook and PayPal. Oh the evil, evil things.

So evil those things.

So evil.

All should be shipping out today.

-cc  =)



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