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What video games are you currently playing?

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--- Quote from: mohawk1367 on Wed, 14 February 2024, 06:39:44 ---you google "fun cars under $5000" and there's articles from 2014 talking about miatas, s13s, civics etc... you cant even get a car that drives for under $6000 these days most of the time

--- End quote ---
Sure you can.
Look up S10 Blazers, old Camrys, Hyundais, etc..
Like I said, same happened during Cash for Clunkers, it will take a few years for things to return to cool down but it will happen. This sort of thing usually takes about 5-10 years to return to where it should be... And then you have 5-10 years before it spikes again... Now is just not the time to buy if you can help it.

Even in 2014 all of those were starting to go up fast, when magazines run those articles you pretty much need to be buying them within a few months before everyone else does and spikes the price. They usually do those because they are seeing a trend and already seeing prices rise.

BTW, early Miatas are a special case, while they made a ton and they were cheap, the Spec Miata race series burned through them at an insane rate and those they didn't wreck, people doing engine swaps and such did a number on them.

Currently addicted to helldivers 2. Cannot stop playing. It's like a drug. When i go to sleep, i dream of helldivers. When I'm at work, I daydream of helldivers. When I am commuting, I think of helldivers. Help.

I'm playing RFS

New night-runners update!!! They added a bunch of new wheels including SSR Minerva and Work Euroline. Can't wait to put those on my Chaser when it's made playable  ;D

It looks like a new one for me. I would like to know more about it. Thanks for your updates.


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