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Will R3 Zeal60RGB PCB support split space bar?

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Hi Zeal,

When will R3 of Zeal60RGB PCB happen and will the R3 support split space bar?

I am eager to use my Zealios on a Zeal60 but I fell in love with split space bar.

Currently not planning to add a split space to the Zeal60, sorry. R3 will happen once we finish shipping out everyone's current R2 order.

will R3 support underglow :D

I R Need ALL the RGBs


--- Quote from: Amnesia on Fri, 21 July 2017, 15:28:45 ---will R3 support underglow :D

I R Need ALL the RGBs

--- End quote ---

Not natively. There's a commit on github if you want to read about the mod.

Semi-hijacking thread since I'm also planning on getting in on the next round.
Does the Zeal60 support Holtites? If so, I'm pretty sure I'm just going to completely switch all my 60% collection to Z60, since I would be able to make do with far fewer keyboards :)


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