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Velocifire M2 , the 1st portable customizable wireless mechanical keyboard with Mac dedicated function keys starts at $49. It is designed for typists, programmers, writers alike for premium typing experience on a phone, iPad, Macbook or laptop anywhere. It provides you software to remap key setting, shortcuts, RGB and Marcos, which can greatly improve your efficiency. Itís a real personal daily driver you should not miss.

Basic details:

1. For PC and MAC, with Mac dedicated function keys

2.Three Bluetooth Devices Connection

3.Programmable keys, RGB Backlit, and Macros

4.Hot-Swap Brown Switches

5.Retail Price:$69.99 (Current $49 on Kickstarter)

Check the campaign at this link: Velocifire M2
You can also join our M2 Giveaway
 If you have any questions, please feel free to comment! :thumb:
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