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Are you OK with indefinite outdoor masks ?

Tp4= 2^2ugly so, he's obviously ok with it.

nope, I like being able to be mask free outside but I'm more ok with enforced masks inside businesses/stores due to the closer quarters to other people.

Those of you who weren't adults and paying attention before the late 1970s can't remember the time when the Republican Party did not devote itself to ****ing up the world in every way it could imagine.

It didn't use to be like this. I myself was a Republican until they nominated Reagan in 1980, but when that happened I knew that the party had succumbed to the Dark Side. I hoped that it wasn't permanent. I still have that hope, although it will require that every trace of Trumpism, fundamentalist religion, and dark money will have to be expunged from its program.

Well the Dark Side does have cookies, so it's hard to refuse - also a good force chokehold tends to bend the will.
But yeah it will definitely take the one thing needed to fix it and that's time.

Outside is ridiculous and unnecessary.

Indoors is even iffy. If everyone isn't wearing a mask that is N95 or better, it's just like pissing in the wind.

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