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tbh i feel i will end up wearing masks all summers now, works wonders to suppress my allergies, so i would not care if it becomes the norm.

Potential Collapse:

At this point majority hospitalization is age 18-49.   This is the young/ middle age workforce.

The current viral load is 1000x, so hospital staff are exposed to that much more. The load can overwhem them, and then with Summer festivals/ events all going ahead,   Sturgis, 700,000 people, iowa state fiar, 1,000,000 people, lollapolooza, 500,000 people.

The difference is, BEFORE, hospital staff withstood vanilla covid,  DELTA is roided up covid.

Indoors yes, but not outdoors unless a complete collaspe of society

Last year I actually did notice my breathing improved with long-term mask wearing. I was using 4 layer procedural masks everywhere and morning congestion improved, lung capacity increased, I just felt all around better. Now I wear a sports fabric one and everything is back like it was, leading me to believe these fabric masks don't do such a great job.

On the downside of wearing masks everywhere for over a year, inner nose pimples. It really annoys me how their pain output is so much higher than their severity.

A couple of years ago I grew a pretty decent-looking goatee, and a mask just hides it completely.


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