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people have to wear masks besides america, i dont think trump matters much in other places unless they wanted to be the apprentice..


--- Quote from: Leslieann on Mon, 09 August 2021, 23:31:35 ---
--- Quote from: phinix on Mon, 09 August 2021, 15:50:44 ---OK, so maybe I don't have asthma. But I do have problems breathing in it, almost suffocate, gets sweaty and my head heat up, at least it feels like it.
I remember I had a peak flow test once and it was very low, nurse asked me if I was diagnosed asthma cause results were really bad.
Maybe its something else, nevermind - thing is I can't comfortably breath with mask.

--- End quote ---
There's a big difference between the cheap blue masks and the heavy cloth ones, the cloth ones are by far the worst to breath in, I found it takes a while to adapt to them but you usually can.

Point is, try different masks.
Try an N95, those can actually be cooler, more comfortable and protect you better than almost anything else.

--- End quote ---

I use these blue surgical masks, but now when N95 are more affordable, I may try them.


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