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Why is this a political discussion?  Trump may have downplayed it, but it was Democrats in Chinatown telling everyone not to worry and that Trump was a racist. No matter what party was in control, it was coming here one way or another.  Just take a look at Europe.  Even Australia is under lock down again.

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--- Quote from: Faceman76 on Thu, 29 July 2021, 18:10:19 ---Why is this a political discussion? 

Trump downplayed it

Democrats in Chinatown

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There are many reasons why it became political.

As a speech platform republicans decided their base preferred 1 narrative over the other and it snowballed.

As a side swipe to kill americans, RUS military intelligence fuel both drumph's previous election and the current anti-science/vax agenda.

There are as many demos as repubs in China taking handouts, whatever their own motivation/tactics were, they would've occurred independent of china's agenda.

DEEP Conspiracy side, the most plausible theory seems to be that they (Power that be) is deliberately culling the american population to avoid climate disaster as the average american has 1 to 2 order of magnitude carbon footprint.

So here's the rundown on DELTA BREAKTHROUGH infections.

Data out of Massachusetts, India, China, indicates that up to 1250x viral load of delta variant is enough such that an (infected vaccinated person) can shed enough viruses to infect (someone else, anyone else, vaccinated or not).

The vaccine is Still Highly Effective Protection against hospitalizations and Death.   

However, its ability to support Maskless Activity is bunker busted.

____Masks4ever gekha...

Caveat: I'm basing this completely out of my own butt.

I think the message of "wear masks" is over simplified. Most people around here wear surgical masks (well, they wear nothing now), which I'd think are the least effective since they don't seal at all around the edges of the face. They basically prevent splatter, which is only somewhat helpful. Also, since masks presumably catch virus on them, they should be washed or discarded frequently and not touched (i.e. adjusted every time someone's jaw moves when speaking). There's also the notion that people think masks make them invincible, so they do risky things when just staying away from other people would be a better option overall.

This is why debate over whether or not they are effective is stupid. It lacks all nuance; it just "either this or that" (just like everything else now).


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Wed, 28 July 2021, 06:38:42 ---Are you OK with indefinite outdoor masks ?

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We never had to wear masks outdoors in germany, only indoors and in crowded public areas. FFP2 have since become standard for most people, and they are supplied readily.

I dont like people looking at me, so the less they can see the better.


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