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texas shooting

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18yr old gunman

19x elementary students (4th grade) + 2x teachers killed.

Shot his grandmother in the face, went to the school, barracaded himself in a class room, anakin skywalker.

Now, here's the thing, Republicans want guns because they dream of one day staging a coup and going full fascist.   

Democrats may also want guns as a final check to the power of state.

So, guns are obviously a problem, but is this an OK price we pay for "MAYBE FREEDOM" ?

and it's surely a maybe, because no one can say for sure if this stuff actually works.

Uvalde, Texas is 93% white, 60% republican voter

A more thorough background exam is needed.

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--- Quote from: Faceman76 on Wed, 25 May 2022, 18:12:14 ---A more thorough background exam is needed.

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Would this make a huge difference given secondary markets, and the low cost (relative to income) of existing guns in the field.

For example, this gunman was 18, he wouldn't have any lengthy/detailed history to research.

in this case, a mere high school dropout with no criminal history and no documented mental health concerns (obviously little access to health care in these locales).

the ar-style weapon used in the gun was only $2000

It is a societal problem.

Given that most terrorist killers also commit suicide, they get to believe that they will become supreme (temporary) celebrities in death in contrast to the miserable pathetic existence that they experienced in life.

If the media never disclosed their names and they were cremated within hours after their crimes, with the ashes flushed down the toilet, then the terror killings would probably mostly stop.
They would just off themselves in their own homes at 2:30 in the morning.

I find it bizarre that Fox News claimed it would be a good idea to install "ballistic blankets" in classroom windows rather than consider banning guns. Apparently Texas even doubled down on their open carry policy now. I've read that there are on average more than one mass shooting in the US per day. I can't believe that gun ownership hasn't come under fire a hundred times more than it has.

I've been a gun nut all my life, I'm fascinated by them, and when airsoft became legal in the Netherlands I immediately set about making a sizeable collection of as-realistic-as-possible replicas; if I could own deactivated actual guns, that'd be even cooler. But my god, am I glad we have such strict gun laws here. As much as I like real firearms, I would NOT want real, functional, deadly firearms legalised here.


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