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I have always struggled with being a touch typist.  I will be typing along, not looking at the keyboard, going 100 WPM then, I realize I'm doing it, and my typing falls apart leaving me looking for keys and typing like crap.  Does anyone else have this problem, and, if so, how do you focus on what you are typing and not the task of typing itself?

Using a blank keyboard helps quite a bit.  I would occasionally look at the number row for shifted characters before getting my blank HHKB Pro.  When looking at the keyboard yields no benefit, you quickly get out of that habit.

Typing fast is a very holistic experience. Its a real melding of the physical and the mental. Its also easy to disrupt as a result. Becoming self concious really ruins it (kind of like dancing ;)

Yeah, I tend to be over-aware of a lot of tasks that are usually better performed thoughtless.  Other than typing, I tend to over-think putts playing disc golf.  I start thinking about disc speed, angle, spin, etc.  Inevitably, I miss, I will then throw a random putt with another disc and make it, because, I didn't think about the second putt.  I am much better at basketball, though, were the game moves too fast to think too much.

About three weeks ago I switched to dvorak. I've worked up to about 65 wpm; however when I try go faster and just type without thinking about it I fall apart and have to start slowly and work my speed up again. My former qwerty speed was 85-90 wpm; close to that point my muscle memory seems to regress.


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