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Anyone watch Mad Men?

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I don't watch television at all, like not ever, but a coworker loaned me the first season of Mad Men and I think the writing and the acting is fantastic.

Same here,  I had the cable disconnected a couple of years ago. I do netflix though.

Its a slow burner but now its my favourite program. Like you I dont watch a lot.
I enjoyed Jimmy Smits in Dexter and the Simpsons is fun but Mad Men is just dripping with quality.
It does make me want to smoke and drink though ;)

I will have to check it out.  The last TV series I really enjoyed was The Wire.  It is hands down the best TV series ever (IMO).

I watch quite a bit of TV.  I like 'House', 'Psych', 'Dexter', 'Bones', several Discovery Channel shows (Survivorman, Man v. Wild, MythBusters, Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs)...and I'm a reality tv junkie as well.  Not to mention NFL Sunday Ticket.  

We have DirecTV, basic cable, and a free-to-air dish that we use, primarily for home UND hockey games.


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